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Heating services

Heating services

Pinnacle HVAC is proud to carry Napolean Gas Furnaces and are committed to your total home comfort. Time after time, Napoleon has led the way with new and innovative, patented technology. We are proud to say that our products continuously surpass industry standards and our inspiration is you! Napoleon products are designed to provide that confidence and ensure that every product is beyond compare.

Pinnacle HVAC’s certified technicians offer friendly and dependable service to all makes of heating equipment. From your 1960’s dinosaur to the latest state of the art furnace, our trained staff will diagnose and repair the problem to get you back up and running.

Our ultimate goal is to provide quality comfort solutions that best suit your individual situation. When repair costs add up, or there is a major issue that cannot be repaired, our staff will educate you on your options for repair or replacement and guide you to the information you need to make the right decision to suit your needs.

The best thing a homeowner can do to get more informed about the state of their heating system is to have Pinnacle HVAC do our 32 point inspection to identify areas that may need attention, and to help you plan for possible replacement down the road. We believe that it’s better to be proactive when it comes to replacing your heating equipment instead of waiting for a breakdown.