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32-Point Furnace Inspection ($109)

Our 32-point furnace inspection is the BEST way to better understand the condition of your current system, diagnose potential trouble areas, and ensure your equipment stays operating at peak efficiency

What can a furnace inspection tell you?

Conducted by one of our certified technicians, the 32-point inspection is designed to thoroughly assess your furnace for optimal performance. People who ask for this service benefit from the knowledge of learning about existing or potential problems before the cold season begins. Preventative maintenance is always less expensive to deal with versus transactional repair, and the peace of mind that comes with our 32-point inspections is very much appreciated by our clients. Some clients are at the lake or travelling when they learn of a catastrophic problem with their furnace at home. These kinds of last minute breakdowns do, and can, occur, but with annual inspections and preventative maintenance a lot of the surprises can be avoided.

Got an old furnace? Need to know if it’s working efficiently? We can help.

Pinnacle HVAC’s certified mechanics will keep you warm and cozy by ensuring that your furnace is operating at top efficiency. This includes ensuring proper airflow to all areas of the home as well as proper dehumidification to reduce the risk of mould and dust mites.

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